“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.”
— Alexander McQueen


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How are you all doing? Kicked off falls season yet?  It is a big no for me. I am still in my summer mood. few week back was a special honour for me by some friends of mine in the fashion industry. I was invited as a special guest to the ‘Aluminum Fall Fashion Show’ hosted by Crawl Cocktail, a Toronto Social Club. Check out the pictures on my blog. (here) Those outfits can be transformed into everyday pieces with fabrics of your choice. Talk about networking and making some pretty decent connections in the fashion world. I met some Toronto trends setters and fashion gurus and it was unbelievably heady stuff! The fashion show was all about originality, class and style all rolled into one.


I came face to face with Canadian designers whose clothes I had been wearing for years without even knowing them. Hahaha. It was so much fun and KV was gushing over these designers. Seriously, I was impressed. It was such an honour and privilege to meet these movers and shakers in our world of fashion and commend them for their talent. 


My Style Corner:
So glad to be sharing another set of pictures that I shoot while I was away on my vacation a few weeks ago. This was one of the shoots I did indoors because it rained ‘cats and dogs’ all the time I was in Nigeria.
I picked this understated teal green top but it doesn’t really show off my figure to perfection like my usual outfits but I like it nevertheless because it makes me look regal, comfortable and warm. If you are a diva you need to have the confidence to carry off numbers like this one because when people see it on you it suddenly becomes high fashion and trendsetting and that’s a hit for you. But please be sure to go heavy on your accessories and wear things that are trendy to spice it up and take it a few notches higher! If your outfit doesn’t make too much of a wow statement for you, that doesn’t mean it’s a cast off. Nothing is ever a lost cause in my world. Re-invent and think outside the box! What you do is spice it up big time with all kinds of interesting accessories.
Take a look at my sandals for one. Very snazzy,  pretty, bright and sparkly. Be sure not to forget your amazing pedicure and the latest shade of nail polish.
I gave you a close-up shot of my face so you see my make-up. Perfect, bold, colorful and eye catching eye shadow. Grooming will go a long way in ‘lending a hand’ to this outfit. Hahaha
Well asymmetrical is in, but I love the lace details of the blouse. As I said, I went heavy on bracelets, watch, rings, wrist jewels and finger cuffs. What do you think of those finger cuffs? You like? They are trending in the fashion world right now.
My pants are silk and two layered in a very easy to wear color – charcoal grey. These pants are quite under stated too and can go with virtually any top I can pull off the hangers. The silk material is flowy and a little clingy and the perfect match for the teal green top.

I am Kartia Velino the and I can make any outfit work for you. Have fun with this one.

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Top: Bcbg (herefor look alike)  Pants :  (here )   Shoes: Bcbg (here for look alike) , Purse: Bcbg (here)

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