Jump Suit and Sheer Jacket

Jump Suit and Sheer Jacket



J.U.M.P.S.U.I.T.  A.N.D.  C.A.P.E. S.I.L.K.  J.A.C.K.E.T

Hello folks and happy happy summer again! The festivities continue, the best wishes pile on and the good-times continue. Yeeh!

Hello and welcome to the blog this week. This is your very own Kartia Velino wishing you the very absolute best of this wonderful and awesome season.  I have so much goodness to share and its here on this blog for you free of charge. I wish you the very best compliments of this season and you better believe that because the best is yet to come people.

I know you missed my usual Saturday post but it just couldn’t happen for me guys. You won’t believe how eventful my weekend has been. I’m sure you got the news from the blog about my ‘Mobile Boutique Road Show’ this weekend. I’ve been to every nook and crevice of Texas this weekend – Houston,  Dallas and San Antonio name it I was there. But there is just one sad note to an otherwise groovy weekend. I just don’t have the greatest of pics from these events. Don’t ask me why cos I just don’t know! All I can tell you is that the events were all mostly night time and the lighting was just too poor for words! Added to which my professional photographer was not on the trip with me. It was just a herculean task and I did the best I could. You can see some pictures on my Facebook page but alas they are just not good enough to blog unfortunately!









Anyway that notwithstanding, this weekend was an amazing experience I can tell you that for no money. It was a two day ‘pop up’ shopping event and a great op for me to connect with new and potential clients to take my business to new levels. I caught up with my old ‘Texas connection’, friends I hadn’t  seen in decades. It was business mixed with pleasure and an awesome good albeit tiring experience.

If I tell you how impromptu this event was you will kind of understand why I am  really pleased with the entire concept and outcome.

Of course my ever faithful Worship Media quickly put the flyer together at very short notice while I rallied round the houston stakeholders. Regardless of some of them that didn’t come through at the last minute, for the most part, a lot of them did.

The main event was the Mingle and Shop event at the Best Western Hotel where I showcased a lot of my line of products and my Kartia Clothing Collection.

I also wore some of my line for the event.

Here, I am wearing a jump suit I acquired last year and my classic ‘Kartia Collection’ silk cape floor length sheer jacket by Kartia Velino. This jacket can be worn as seen in this picture, to the beach or you can just throw it on top of a leggings and camisole outfit. You can also simply lounge around the house in it or entertain at home absolutely looking like a diva while you’re at it! It’s been very successful too and my friends in Toronto love this look. I already sold over a hundred pieces to date because it’s a very versatile and quite impressionable piece.  Please follow the link (here) to order yours.

Have fun my friends and thank  you for your time.

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Jump Suite : try (This)

Silk Jacket (here)

Purse (here)

Shoes (here)

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