Modupe Ozolua was 27years when pioneered cosmetic surgery in West Africa, with no medical background



modupe ozolua

American-Nigerian entrepreneur and CEO of Body Enhancement limited, Modupe Ozolua said that she was only 27 years old when she introduced plastic surgery to Nigeria, she had no medical background, but she still put Nigeria and other African countries on the map with a group of medical doctors from America, she is 43 years Philanthropist 


“I was only 27 years old when I pioneered cosmetic surgery in West Africa.
That bold act gave me both international and national recognition and awards.
That bold act by a 27 year old with no medical background, put Nigeria on the World map as a destination for Plastic Surgery.
What might be impossible for others, could be a walk in the park for you! Never compare yourself to others, our paths are not always the same!
Remember this picture from the cover of Ovation magazine? I did that interview a few months after I started my business in Nigeria. #memories #27”

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