An unnamed Saudi Arabian player is currently facing jail sentence after he was caught on video ‘dabbing’ during a football game.

According to reports, the incident took place during a recent King’s Cup match in his home country. In the video which sparked controversy online after it surfaced, the Al Nojoom player is seen with another man who attempts to give him a high-five, instead the Al Nojoom team player who was approaching – cranked a dab at his colleague. The commentator showed disdain for the player’s gestures and is seen repeating the word “No.”

Dabbing is a serious offense in Saudi Arabia as the Saudi Arabian National Committee for Combating Drugs is against the dance, and think it has ties to drug culture. Reports from the state’s media said, “the committee’s president has even labeled the dab a “harmful influence on youth” and has warned “those who promote it in public events or on social media will face consequences.”

In August 2017, a famous Arabian singer and TV host, Abdullah Al Shahani, was arrested by Saudi authorities after video surfaced of him dabbing onstage.

The dab dance originated with American rapper and TV host, Bow Wow although the dance step isn’t trending anymore. 

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