Nigerian Richest Billionaires, Femi Otedola and Dangote spotted in India with head gears


Nigerian Billionaires Femi Otedola and Dangote, are said to be bred and butter, and recently the were spotted in India where they attended a local wedding, both wrapped their hair in Indian tradition, and their children also rocked Indian outfit

She said:

“Yes I once wished I wasn’t the daughter of my father, but that was back in the days, I’m now very comfortable in my own skin. When I first entered the industry, I felt like a lot of artistes and industry people wouldn’t accept me because I’m Femi Otedola’s daughter. I felt they wouldn’t feel comfortable with me, thinking I have an unfair advantage to enter their space and dominate it all.”

“But now, I feel like I’ve paid my dues over the last few years and I’ve built some great relationships in the industry and
people are starting to really respect me because I’ve built a good reputation for myself. So now I’m happy to say who my dad is. I can’t really change who my dad is and I’m embracing it and seeing it as a blessing now.”


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