Jordan Peele’s Next Project Will Tackle A Huge Scandal

Jordan Peele’s Next Project Will Tackle A Huge Scandal

Jordan Peele is tackling another hot-button topic with his latest project, in conjunction with the popular streaming platform Amazon.

It is now confirmed that the Oscar-winning director will executive produce a four-part docuseries about Lorena Bobbitt, who infamously severed her husband’s penis after he allegedly committed domestic violence against her in 1993.

The Hollywood Reporter shared the confirmed news with the public, issuing an explanation of the project from Peele, himself.

“When we hear the name ‘Bobbitt,’ we think of one of the most sensational incidents to ever be catapulted into a full-blown media spectacle,” he said in a statement to the publication. “With this project, Lorena has a platform to tell her truth as well as engage in a critical conversation about gender dynamics, abuse and her demand for justice.”

The director stressed that “this is Lorena’s story” before adding that he is “honored to help her tell it.”

The series, simply titled Lorena, will be created through Peele’s company, Monkeypaw, with Bobbitt’s full involvement and participation. No further details on the project regarding its casting or release dates have been announced.

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