Critics say $530 ‘dirty’ designer sneakers ‘mock poverty’

Critics say $530 ‘dirty’ designer sneakers ‘mock poverty’

There’s nothing stylish about homelessness.

Nonetheless, high-end Italian streetwear label Golden Goose is going through backlash for its new Celebrity Taped Sneaker, an deliberately filthy, distressed low-top that’s been patched with duct tape to create what critics say is an insensitive glamorization of poverty.

The shabby sneaks are promoting at Nordstrom for $530, boasting “crumply, hold-it-all-together tape” and a “grungy rubber cupsole.”

“There are folks on the earth sporting plastic luggage as footwear as a result of they’ll’t afford any, however these HIDEOUS issues are promoting for $500 the style business is really so [f–king] silly it pisses me off like what the precise hell ??????!” one Twitter consumer fumed, garnering nearly 50,000 likes.

“Nothing really says you’re a nugatory wanker than spending [lavishly] on footwear that mock poverty,” writes one other critic.

“I don’t get it,” one other consumer declares.

Golden Goose, in the meantime, apparently doesn’t get the outrage.

The model set off an identical footwear flap in 2016 with its dirtied-up Distressed Celebrity kicks.

On the time, firm reps claimed the beat-up look was an homage to West Coast skateboarding tradition, not an appropriation of poverty.

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