Rwandan School Teaches Boys How to Stop Gender-based Violence

Rwandan School Teaches Boys How to Stop Gender-based Violence

On the Secure School for Women (SS4G), a co-educational faculty in Rwanda, male college students are taught how to assist and enhance the lives of girls within the East African nation. In accordance to BBC Africa, boys on the faculty spend afternoons studying how to report abuse.

After lessons are over boys at SS4G are despatched to a distinct classroom than their feminine counterparts.  Throughout the periods, male pupils are taught that males are required to finish violence due to the patriarchal energy construction of the society. Additionally they study the correct methods to assist ladies who expertise gender-based violence and the way to assist them.

“If we occur to see such violence, we report them and ensure the individuals who have [committed the violence] are judged,” Rini Mutijima, an 18-year-old pupil on the faculty, instructed the information group.

He continued, “For the women who’ve this achieved to them, we make certain to assist them, give them counselling and assist them get again into society.”

CARE Worldwide, a big humanitarian support group, runs the Rwandan faculty with the assistance of native charities. By educating boys how to be energetic feminists, the non-profit hopes it should decrease the charges of home abuse and shift the gendered energy battle.

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