“Women are better suited to leadership than men are” – MI Abaga says in new interview

“Women are better suited to leadership than men are” – MI Abaga says in new interview

Rapper MI Abaga is of the opinion that girls make better leaders than men.

He stated the explanation for that is that girls are skilled to be accountable from a really younger age, whereas it is not at all times so with men. In consequence, when ladies get to their late teenagers, they already understand how to navigate life on their very own however the men wrestle. In consequence, they struggle to lash out at their 

We have been raised in a society that elevates men and opresses ladies. As a result of ladies are oppressed, by the point they develop into like 18, 17 years previous, they are better suited to leadership than men are.

A lady, from when she’s seven years previous, her mum is telling her, ‘take this cash, go to the market, come again, cook dinner meals… and that is coaching that the majority men do not obtain. 

So, by the point she will get to college or she’s ending secondary college, a girl is aware of how to handle her life. However men, we don’t know. 

Then we begins relationship, however we have been advised that we’re men. So this is someone who may do a better job of managing your life, however as a result of she’s speaking to you and since you really feel as a girl she should not try this to you, what will we do, we begin to lash out, we begin to oppress. All this ache and trauma will get instilled in our society and we stock it on.

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