Let’s Discuss Jessica Simpson’s $13,000 Sunglasses Collection

Let’s Discuss Jessica Simpson’s $13,000 Sunglasses Collection

Jessica Simpson


Do not let the candid confessions and down-to-earth household Instagrams idiot you—Jessica Simpson‘s wardrobe proves that typically celebrities are completely, positively nothing like us.

The pregnant star is definitely no stranger to designer duds galore—we’re speaking head-to-toe seems straight from the runway and couture robes—however there’s one vogue accent that she’s been constructing a small military of earlier than our very eyes: sun shades.

That is proper y’all, we put our armchair detective abilities to good use by investigating the singer-turned-fashion-mogul’s sun shades assortment for us all to pore over.

And whether or not it is an outsized cat eye, a retro spherical look or perhaps a bedazzled quantity, there is not any body too over-the-top (and no designer too fancy shmancy) for Ashlee Simpson‘s older sis.

What’s extra, the 37-year-old does not appear to put on her lenses too many occasions in a row. Hey, if you happen to’ve received ‘em, flaunt ‘em.

By our calculations, Jessica has worn almost $13,000 value of sun shades this 12 months alone!  Take a peek on the many, many peepers the bubbly blonde has worn lately…

BRB, we abruptly really feel the necessity to buy groceries…


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