Newcomer joins classics in top 5 horror movies of all time

Newcomer joins classics in top 5 horror movies of all time

In your entire breadth of the horror movie style, just one may be the most effective of all time — and one of the top 5 could shock you.

A brand new survey tasked 2,000 People to select the most effective horror film of all time and located “The Exorcist” made a head-turning end in first place.

The second and third place prizes are awarded to “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th” respectively, with “A Nightmare on Elm Road” following shut behind.

An infographic about the greatest horror movies of all time

Additionally cracking the top 5 was, apparently, the supernatural thriller, “The Conjuring.” This relative newcomer from 2013 eeked out such classics as “Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath,” “The Amityville Horror,” and “The Shining.”

The shocking new outcomes emerged from a survey performed by digital film and TV service, Vudu, which additionally discovered psychological horror to be probably the most preferred sub-genre, with paranormal horror, and comedy horror following shut by.

The most effective horror movie villain crown goes to the Freddy Kreuger of “A Nightmare on Elm Road” fame, who barely clawed his well beyond Michael Meyers (“Halloween”) and Jason Voorhees (“Friday the 13th”), who got here in second and third respectively.

In the event you like getting scared, then there’s nothing higher than catching the classics or heading to the theater to take in the newest horror film. However for some, it’s a totally dreadful expertise.

Actually, 36 p.c of respondents agreed that sitting by means of a horror film is pure torture, with 39 p.c saying their palms are on the sweaty aspect all through the expertise.

The survey additionally discovered that the common American will begin to get nervous and anxious solely 13 minutes right into a horror film.

An infographic about the greatest horror movies of all time

Jenni Readio, Senior. Director, Merchandising & Licensing for Vudu, stated, “Scary movies are nice, however they aren’t for everybody. That’s why Vudu tries to focus on nice movies that attraction to wider audiences and tolerances. Halloween is as enjoyable or scary as you make it, so we provide a spread of movies, from kid-friendly to basic slasher, so film followers can discover simply the correct quantity of scare to take a seat by means of.”

It seems simply sitting by means of a whole horror film is an achievement for many, as over half of People (53 p.c) say they really feel “achieved” after sitting by means of a very scary movie.

Moreover, the survey revealed that horror film followers will not be very fond of remakes. One query tasked respondents with selecting the superior movie between the remake and authentic — and never one remake was victorious.

The best scoring remake was “Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath,” with simply 21 p.c of survey respondents saying they most well-liked it over the unique, adopted by “The Ring” (additionally 21 p.c.)

An infographic about the greatest horror movies of all time

Comedy horror was one other topic that obtained particular consideration in the research and located that “Ghostbusters” is America’s favourite of that sub-genre, with “Zombieland,” and “Gremlins” rounding out the top three.

“There’s all the time room for comedy horror on everybody’s watchlist, particularly for classics like ‘Ghostbusters.’ It’s full of expertise as massive because the Keep Puft Marshmellow Man himself. It’s one of my favorites, and it’s undoubtedly value revisiting as half of our free Movies On Us assortment,” stated Mitch Tai, Senior Supervisor, Movies On Us.

Whereas the Keep Puft Marshmellow Man may not hang-out your nightmares, one-third of People (31 p.c) are nonetheless scared of horror movies and the characters that first frightened them as youngsters, with some growing fears that adopted into maturity consequently.

The largest concern? Clowns. Thanks, Pennywise!

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