Why onesies are the source of an ongoing controversy

Why onesies are the source of an ongoing controversy

If you happen to’ve ever had a child, there’s a good probability you realize about onesies, these one-piece outfits that you simply slip your child into and out of after he’s thrown up throughout the entrance.

Nice idea!

What you in all probability didn’t know is that onesies are the source of an ongoing controversy. Why? As a result of Gerber, the firm that additionally makes the meals that your toddler inevitably spits up, has a trademark on the identify “Onesies.”

Some of you are saying, “Who knew?” (Others, I think, are saying, “Who cares?” Effectively, I do!)

I discovered this out from a reader who runs an organization that used the phrase onesies on merchandise and obtained smacked down by Gerber Childrenswear, a subsidiary of Gerber which, in flip, is owned by Nestle, the chocolate firm. (Don’t get me began on youngsters and sweet bars.)

I contacted Gerber for extra data and I’m ready to listen to again. However on the web, there are lots of references to how the firm aggressively protects this trademark.

Right here’s how Fred Lavner, who’s the company counsel of Novelco LLC when he’s not studying my column, explains his run-in with Gerber.

“We’ve been producing onesies for over 20 years. We purchase onesies from dozens of attire producers,” Lavner wrote to me. “A onesie is a generic article of clothes. How they [Gerber] have been in a position to slip this by the US Trademark & Patent Workplace in 2014 with out objection is a thriller.”

However, apparently, Gerber does have the proper, despite the fact that “A Transient Historical past of the Onesie” that I discovered on the web says this product, in the kind of an grownup jumpsuit, was first worn in Britain in the 17th century.

Don’t fear, I’m going to get to the backside of this.


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