Grinches at HuffPost say ‘Rudolph’ is racist, sexist and anti-gay

Grinches at HuffPost say ‘Rudolph’ is racist, sexist and anti-gay

HuffPost was lampooned after saying Christmas basic “Rudolph the Purple-Nosed Reindeer” was “significantly problematic” over claims that it options sexism and bullying.

“Viewers are noticing the story might not be so jolly in any case,” a video made by the outlet says.

Amongst these observations was the suggestion that the TV basic was a narrative about racism and homophobia whereas calling Santa Claus abusive and bigoted.

“Yearly reminder that #Rudolph the Purple-Nosed Reindeer is a parable on racism & homophobia w/Santa as a bigoted exploitative prick,” learn one remark shared by HuffPost. “Santa’s operation is an HR nightmare and in critical want of range and inclusion coaching. #Rudolph,” learn one other.

The video additionally suggests it was problematic that Rudolph’s father verbally abused him by forcing him to put on a faux nostril to be accepted by others.

Some eagle-eyed social media critics additionally stated the cartoon is sexist as a result of Rudolph’s mother was snubbed after she wished to assist reindeer husband Donner seek for their son after he goes lacking. “No, this is man’s work,” Donner says.

However HuffPost’s effort to spotlight the perceived bigotry of the beloved film attracted tens of hundreds of unfavourable feedback, most of them mocking the video.

“Oh look! One thing folks like and take pleasure in; let’s go smash it!” tweeted Rebeccah Heinrichs. “In case you attempt laborious sufficient you will discover offense in virtually something,” Chloe Westley seconded.

Others identified that HuffPost misunderstood the cartoon because the troubling characters study their lesson in the long run. “However… however… the bigoted characters study they had been incorrect. It teaches a lesson. It doesn’t endorse the problematic stuff,” tweeted Robby Soave.

“Rudolph the Purple-Nosed Reindeer” isn’t the primary basic cartoon that was decried as problematic in the present day.

Critics attacked ABC’s “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” which first aired in 1973, for seating its solely black character, Franklin, alone on one aspect of the vacation desk whereas all the opposite youngsters had been seated on the opposite aspect.

The particular attracted explicit criticism this Thanksgiving, with many customers lashing out on social media and calling the cartoon racist.

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