‘Littlest Reindeer’ is big proof CGI animation doesn’t always fly

‘Littlest Reindeer’ is big proof CGI animation doesn’t always fly

The aww-est plot ever could be present in “Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer.” A miniature horse secretly needs to develop into one in all Santa’s sleigh-pullers.

However nestled inside that heat set-up is cloying dialogue, condescending voice work and complicated story tangents.

Issues begin out promising. Elliot (Josh Hutcherson) is a minihorse on a North Dakota farm that someway has a direct connection to the North Pole. Bored with low expectations, and wanting one thing extra from life, the little man trains to exchange the retiring Blitzen. Throughout tryouts — set in an Olympic-like enviornment —

Elliot wears pretend antlers to trick the judges. His peppy pal Hazel the Goat (Samantha Bee) helps him together with his plan.

Then the movie will get misplaced in tedious B-plots and a bunch of supporting characters which can be tough to trace. Should an evil Russian businesswoman try to purchase all of the horses and goats to make them into scrumptious meat? Should an intrepid reporter work to uncover elf conspiracies? Should there be international warming, “Soiled Dancing” and “Braveheart” jokes?

This is a film for 5-year-olds. It ought to’ve caught to cuteness.

However even at its sweetest moments, the movie resorts to patronizing child discuss. Each line is delivered just like the actor is patting a child on the top, and every eyebrow carry and head flip is scored to obnoxious staccato music. The CGI animation needs to be banished to a Home windows 98 display screen saver.

It’ll make you need to hoof straight dwelling.

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