PDP attacks APC, says ruling party is wicked for attempting to justify President Buhari’s insensitivity to the killing of soldiers

PDP attacks APC, says ruling party is wicked for attempting to justify President Buhari’s insensitivity to the killing of soldiers

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) describes the effort by the APC to justify President Muhammadu Buhari’s neglect of our preventing troops, main to the killing of over 100 soldiers by insurgents, as abhorrent, reprehensible and a slap on the sensibility of Nigerians.

The PDP in a press release signed by its publicity secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan immediately, mentioned by this, the APC as a party has totally demonstrated that it is a dysfunctional organisation which attaches no worth to the lives of our soldiers or different Nigerians, however extra inquisitive about seeing funeral ceremonies and gloating over the graves of its victims.

Learn the relaxation of the assertion beneath…

Why would the APC try to wave off revelations, that are already in the public area, that officers of the Buhari Presidency are diverting funds meant for navy gear and welfare of our soldiers to finance Mr. president’s re-election marketing campaign.

If the APC weren’t jittery over revelations that it is a core beneficiary of this evil racket, why is it dashing to defend the Minister of Defence on findings that he diverted navy funds to produce marketing campaign supplies for the APC together with an digital momento, with APC emblem boldly inscribed on them?

The APC, in its hallucination, forgot that Nigerians already know that the neglect of the Buhari Presidency led to the killing of our soldiers and that the President and the APC had remained unconcerned and solely began shedding crocodile tears after a public outcry on the killing and their ominous silence.

We problem the APC to clarify to Nigerians why it took President Buhari, as Commander-in-Chief, a complete week to specific ‘shock’ over the killing of over 100 of our soldiers?

Does that not painting our President as a commander who has deserted his troops and cares much less of happenings in the entrance?

What has the APC to say to the undeniable fact that the Buhari Presidency failed to act on the threats by insurgents to assault the navy base days earlier than the lethal invasion and killing of our soldiers?

What has APC to say to the undeniable fact that at the time our soldiers had been being attacked by insurgents, our Service Chiefs had been busy taking part in President Buhari’s re-election marketing campaign rally and launch of Subsequent Degree mantra, stolen from a overseas institute?

What has the APC to say to the undeniable fact that as an alternative of being at the forefront of investigations, our Minister of Defence was busy utilizing navy funds to produce marketing campaign souvenirs for President Buhari and the APC?

It is subsequently an unpardonable assault on the sensibility of Nigerians for the APC to, in anyway, try to justify President Buhari’s negligence and inaction towards the welfare of our soldiers in addition to the diversion of navy fund for Mr. President re-election marketing campaign at the expense of the lives of Nigerians.

If the APC is not complicit on this heinous crime towards our nation, we problem it to be part of the PDP in demanding for a Nationwide Meeting inquest into the killing and the dealing with of anti-insurgency funds underneath President Buhari, as an alternative of this resort to wicked hypocritical posturing.


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