This Viral Photo of Unseasoned Chicken Will Give You Nightmares

This Viral Photo of Unseasoned Chicken Will Give You Nightmares

It’s 2019 and (some) white individuals nonetheless don’t perceive that meals must be seasoned. ESPECIALLY CHICKEN.

Working example:

28-year-old Cori Healey of Baltimore, MD posted the above picture on Twitter, and it immediately went viral … for very apparent causes.

“The questionable cutlets belong to Cori’s boyfriend’s roommate, Steve,” BuzzFeed reported.

In case you’re unaware, THIS is what correctly seasoned baked hen is meant to appear to be:

“I’m DISTRAUGHT,” Healey mentioned in a follow-up tweet. “Pray for him.”

“We had been all cooking meals within the kitchen and I opened the oven to verify on meals on the highest rack after which noticed the hen,” Cori defined to BuzzFeed.

“I instantly grabbed my cellphone, took an image, checked out my boyfriend and mentioned ‘need to see a viral tweet?’ figuring out Twitter would have a FIELD DAY with these unseasoned cutlets.”

And, as Cori astutely predicted, Twitter had one helluva area day:

In line with BuzzFeed, Cori kinda sorta confirmed our suspicions, clarifying that “he’s half white, so persons are half proper there.”

She additionally tweeted that the media consideration that she’s getting is “out of management.”

However she did take pleasure in the truth that an area CBS information station didn’t censor her vulgar Twitter deal with.

Anyhow… Hopefully, her boyfriend’s roommate has realized his lesson and sooner or later will deal with hen with the respect that it deserves.

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