Senate Committee approves 30k as new minimum wage and 75k as penalty for non compliance – Shehu Sani

Senate Committee approves 30k as new minimum wage and 75k as penalty for non compliance – Shehu Sani

Copy and share to show EFCC ….Efcc now waste tax payers cash making a case for invincible overseas rip-off victims who are usually not conscious of the case nor taken with it for private achieve…. Why arrest poor Southern guys and not using a petition from their victims accusing them of fraud and able to show his or her case towards them? No complain obtained from anyone accusing them of fraud simply random arrest, maintain them in your cells for months, drive them to make a press release and enter into an settlement with you to forfeit their belongings together with their telephones, laptops,sim playing cards, automobiles and additionally siphon their accounts within the title of forfeiting them to Federal Authorities of Nigeria …. Whereas in efcc custody for months, Efcc have induced emotional traumas to their households, breach their training as majority of them are accountable for their educations and maintenance of their households and even have induced psychological injury to them.. Everywhere in the world, cyber crime is investigated via petitions and complains from victims and underground investigation executed to hyperlink the accuse with the crime earlier than arrest is made and the compliant / sufferer should even be able to show his or her case / observe it up…Nobody is arrested on mere suspicion of being an web fraudster or via so known as concocted intelligence report in Nigerian Efcc context….. Using laptops, telephones and different telecommunication devices are non-public as they’re private results and communication between adults via using web is private till when there’s a report or complain of victimization / fraud that’s when anti graft businesses like efcc acts as efcc underneath Ribadu and the remainder has all the time relied on petition and complain from victims to arrest perpetrators of web fraud in Nigeria after underneath floor investigation and the grievance or sufferer may even be invited to show his or case in courtroom and observe it up for diligent prosecution however ever since Magu took over efcc has grow to be a lawless group as its officers now acts like thugs hiding behind authorities backed authority to abuse peoples proper, reap the benefits of them by ripping them off and stripping them off of their belongings and properties within the title of Federal Authorities of Nigeria most particularly these poor Southern Nigerian youths accused of cyber crime with out identifiable victims…. We had lawless SARS underneath Buhari earlier than residents rose towards them now we’re confronted with lawless efcc with huge energy like SARS then and is excessive time these affected by their ailing operation rise towards them by resisting arrest, disgracing them and bringing to public discover their barbaric technique of operation for private achieve…. If you end up accused of cyber crime in any other case known as yahoo yahoo in Nigerian context don’t really feel ashamed, demand to see a petition out of your sufferer accusing you of defrauding her or him , courtroom order for your arrest earlier than submitting your self for arrest as each crime has a means of investigation and cyber crime just isn’t peculiar to Nigerians alone,in different climes, persons are not arrested randomly on mere suspicion fairly via a report and complain after discrete investigation is carried out. Using telephones, laptops and sim playing cards are usually not prohibited in Nigeria therefore, cannot be used as proof or to conclude that one is into cyber crime and their use are non-public as a result of they’re private results.. Don’t enable these criminals burg into it looking for proof and don’t hand it over to them, resist their arrest and confront them violently till this barbaric technique of operation involves public gentle for them to be instructed to not go after anyone on cyber crime and not using a report, complain from the particular person’s sufferer and courtroom order to analyze the particular person as that is the best approach of investigating and arresting one on cyber crime or fraud known as yahoo yahoo in Nigerian context … Telephones and laptops at the moment are forfeited to Nigerian Authorities not speaking concerning the automobiles of those poor guys which is the first goal of this felony minded efcc officers with no matter cash discovered of their accounts.. Efcc officers knew these guys cannot come again for all these items as soon as they’re disgraced as yahoo boys and in addition they compel them to enter into plea discount with efcc by pleading responsible and agreeing to forfeit no matter that’s recovered from them with a purpose to safe their launch or stay in efcc custody for months…. Copy this and share till it turns into a public concern as efcc has turned to SARS going about with their mandate wrongly thereby, infringing on folks’s proper and making the most of them as folks do not need proper of privateness and citizenship proper anymore… Efcc officers takes the automobiles of those poor guys to their villages, resale their telephones and laptops and share monies siphoned from their accounts amongst themselves with their authorized companions and all these are executed within the title of Federal Authorities of Nigeria….. Ibadan boys which might be largely their targets stand up towards these monsters and criminals with authority as you’ll be able to’t be a slave in your nation,locality and made to stay in worry … With this barbaric technique of operation, younger Southerners might be afraid of utilizing trendy telecommunication devices like telephones; laptops and many others and this can cut back the market in Southern Nigeria and make our youths to be left behind in use of contemporary applied sciences.. Whether or not you might be Efcc sufferer of this barbaric operation or not, copy this write up, share it via whatssapt and different social medias to create consciousness as the general public should pay attention to this abuse of energy and barbaric act by efcc

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If u have such information about d regulation, u ought to know the place to channel ur grievance/ petition. Cease constituting public nuisance.

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