Waje Quitting Music: A move of worry and wake up call to the Industry – Adeyinka Oluwamayowa

Waje Quitting Music: A move of worry and wake up call to the Industry – Adeyinka Oluwamayowa

Waje Quitting Music: A move of worry and wake up call to the Industry - Adeyinka Oluwamayowa

Waje is one of the most proficient and (supposed) profitable musicians in Nigeria; sadly, if care isn’t taken, we could not see her in the music scene professionally once more.

The bundle of expertise launched a video, which I initially thought was a publicity stunt to enchantment to the feelings of Nigerians so as to sympathize together with her and give her consideration. Nonetheless, every part can’t be publicity stunt.

Waje will not be the solely pissed off artiste, she’s not the just one nursing the thought of quitting music, and she’s not the just one investing with out seeing deserved outcomes. Allow us to respect her braveness in venting her anger and letting the public know what’s going on together with her.

A lot of Nigerian artistes have come and gone due to related causes, if I begin to point out names, I’ll in all probability not finish this piece as a result of I’ll like to analyze the conditions that surrounded their exit, however let me give attention to Waje for now.

Waje will not be quitting music as a result of she’s broke, she’s quitting as a result of she’s true to herself, if many musicians would do that, they’d in all probability have music as a aspect hustle with an honest job/enterprise and not as important hustle tons of of them are claiming.

Many of the Nigerian singers you see on the market don’t earn from their music, particularly the b-checklist people, they’re nonetheless doing music due to the fame, recognitions that include it and for these wanting up to them, however these will not be changing into cash as all of us assume – sincerely.

Most musicians in Nigeria in the present day are both into web fraud, or different varieties of unlawful actions, whereas utilizing music as cowl up for folks to assume music is the actual deal for them since folks consider there’s cash in music.

Don’t get me unsuitable, there’s cash in music really, however only some are making the cash. I can categorically inform you that many of the artistes we’ve in the music business in the present day can not completely boast that they’re 100% legit with no half of them telling them ‘cease mendacity!’

Why do you assume many musicians discover it onerous to maintain up in the music business? It isn’t that they don’t seem to be proficient or that they can not report completely different tracks, nevertheless, when the cash for promotion is taken into account, they break and step apart for individuals who have the cash to spend and those that have the cash to spend have inflated the business to the level that if you happen to can not pay closely, you’ll not be heard or seen!

The inflation in the music business have to be managed if we don’t need our skills to depart the business or go elsewhere. Many of these musicians need assistance, some are prepared to sing their throats out, however they merely can not afford the business.

Check out the music business 5 – 10 years in the past, most of the artistes have left the business, whereas rather a lot of report labels are additionally useless. What number of lively report labels do we’ve in Nigeria now? What number of musicians do we’ve left singing good music, constant and making good dwelling from their expertise? That is to inform you, the business wants correct restructuring and inflation have to be flushed out.


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