23-year-old NFL player responds to reports he has 8 kids by 8 women and is expecting 9th baby

Avatar admin | December 7, 2021

NFL player, Josh Jacobs, has reacted following reports that he is expecting his 9th child at just 23 years old.

The Las Vegas Raiders running back is allegedly preparing to welcome his 9th child with one of his 8 baby mamas.

Jacobs’ alleged baby mamas’ identities were revealed by the Instagram blog Wags Unfiltered 2.0.

Reacting to the now-viral report, Josh tweeted: “Mfs will say anything for some clicks and likes.”

He added: “Lawyers abt to have a field day with this one.”

He did not bother revealing how many children he has.

The NFL player’s first child is a boy named Braxton Jacobs who is less than 6 years old. He shares Braxton with a woman named Janee.

According to Spotrac.com, Jacobs earned a base salary of $1,579,854 in 2021 and will earn a base salary of $2,122,281 in 2022.

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