A lot of married women are sex starved – Relationship expert, Blessing Okoro

Avatar admin | September 1, 2021

You talk nonsense. Married women mostly cheat with married men. Do you see the irony? These same married men that turn their wives to furniture are banging other married women outside . The problem is most married women smell and look unkempt indoors and only beautify themselves when they are going out . You shouldn’t be telling the men to bang their wives rather you should be dishing out tips for women to lure their husbands to bang them such as telling all women after getting back from work they should immediately and I mean it literally immediately go and take a bath , change clothes , spray perfume etc before beginning any house chores. If women bathe 3 times daily and wore more alluring clothes at home rather than the wrapper or long jeans they wear mostly now , their husbands will have more sex with them

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