Actress, Naomie Harris recalls moment huge A-List Hollywood actor put his hands up her skirt during audition

Avatar admin | December 13, 2021

Naomie Harris has recalled the moment an unnamed A-List star actor put his hand up her skirt during a movie audition.

Harris who starred in ‘No Time To Die’ shared her own #MeToo experience in a candid interview, explaining that many others in the film crew witnessed the moment but kept quiet because a star was involved.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine,  Harris, 45, did not reveal the name of the actor, but said that similar behaviour was ‘rife’ in the industry.

‘What was so shocking about it was the casting director was there and the director, and of course no one said anything because he was – he is – such a huge star,’ she told the publication.

‘That was my only #MeToo incident, so I felt very lucky, given how rife that behaviour was.’

However, despite her own experience, Naomie believes that things are finally changing on sets.

‘I was on a project where there was a #MeToo incident and there was no hesitation… [the perpetrator] was immediately removed,’ she added.

In 2021 she has acted in superhero sequel Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage, alongside Woody Harrelson and Tom Hardy.

She also recently revealed Tom Hardy could take on the new James Bond role as Daniel Craig will not be appearing in the series.

‘He would make a great Bond, but interestingly they always choose someone who we don’t expect and someone who’s more up and coming,’ Naomie said. ‘So, I feel like Tom might be too established.

‘I think like all the names that are being bandied around actually I think it’s going to be someone so unexpected and their name isn’t even in the mix.

‘I’m sure they’re already working on it. The hilarious this is people think I know. Like I don’t know anything.’

She added: ‘But I do think that Tom would be amazing and if I was choosing, I would choose Tom.’

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