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Food is such a beautiful integral part of our lives. Can you imagine a world without a sweet savoury, mouth watery, eyes captivating, throat longing, tongue tasty, and nose elevating aroma from your favourite African cuisines? Many are sometimes tired with the rotational meals we have to deal with daily. Funny enough, many do not realise they only need little resource to spice up what is available already.

You can make really beautiful and tasty meals right at home! You do not need worry about spending so much in restaurants to have a great meal.

Now, what kind of meal do you have in mind?

Goat meat pepper soup, fried rice, oven baked coconut jollof, Asun, Efo Riro,Banga soup, Egusi peppersoup, Club sandwich, plantain pottage, Groundnut soup, Nkwobi, Virgin Sangria mocktail, Vegetable cous cous, Obe Ata iru, Shrimp and spinach pasta, Afang soup, Ofe Nsala, Baked honey garlic chicken, oil-less vegetable, Coconut vegetable fried rice etc. The Kitchen Muse with Bukie got you all covered from start to finish.

Your cooking skills, recipes, and food choices will be richly inspired by The Kitchen Muse . And you do not have to spend a dim for class registrations or any sort of learning package. Just log into your social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube to start your inspirational food walk to becoming a chef in less than 30 minutes! Yes, you heard that right.

Start your easy cooking journey with Bukie on:

-YouTube Channel -Thekitchenmuse Link:

-Instagram [email protected]

About Kitchen Muse

Bukie is a self-taught chef, Recipe developer, a wife, mum of two boys and a business woman.

Her love for food led her to start her YouTube Channel – The Kitchen Muse in 2016 sharing alternative recipes, popular Nigerian recipes and other interesting recipes she makes at home. She has since featured in magazines and TV programs.

She won the Eloy award for Female Chef of the Year in 2017.

When she’s not cooking she’s reading a book or binge watching TV shows and snuggling her boys.

She shares daily meal inspirations to her over 75,000 followers on Instagram. She has also collaborated with several major brands including Quaker and GTBank.

9 Views 0 Ratings Rate it

Written by Kartia Velino