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Avatar admin | July 13, 2021

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Did you know that the Real Estate in Nigeria attracted $2.9 Billion in investments in the first quarter of 2021 and has contributed 6.85% to Nigeria’s GDP? Before you ask how does that matter to your career; let us inform you that those investments need Facilities Managers or Real Estate professionals with FM skills to return value to their owners.

If you are already in the facilities management profession and looking for how to grow; here’s the secret: the future of FM is no longer in operations and maintenance. The FM profession has moved with deep integration with other business support processes such as automation, data science, space management, HR, finance and so on. Let us take you through the intersection between your FM competencies and the FM skills of the future.

Why Should You Join us at Alpha Mead Training?

We are committed to your growth and development of the FM industry in Africa. Besides being the Global Training Affiliate (GTA) to the two most prestigious Facilities Management institutes globally (IFMA and IWFM), our curricular are designed from the over 12 years track records of our parent company, Alpha Mead Facilities, in providing facilities management services to some of the world’s most reputable brands.

  1. facilitators are FM professionals and bring their day-to-day experience on the job to bear in planning and sharing knowledge. At AMTC, it’s a hands-on experience. We share models and global best practices, but we also show you where those models have worked and have not worked and how they are relevant in different operational situations.

Here are some of our available training modules for individuals and organizations in July:

  • Fundamentals of Facility Management Practice (FFM): Designed for early-years FM professionals, graduates of higher institutions who want to pivot into FM or organizations who seek to engrain their young FM professionals or technical staff in the basic principles and practices of FM. The Fundamentals of Facilities Management (FFM) will take you through the basics of the entire FM value chain.

  • Professional Facility Management Training (PFM): For Mid-level Managers looking to improve their performance level and add more value to their organizations’ bottom line. This course will teach you how to strategically deploy an organization’s resources in a way that saves cost, improves productivity and optimizes resources.

  • IFMA Facility Management Professionals Credentials Program: As an experienced Facilities management practitioner or transitioning professionals with significant experience in former related careers, this program will equip you with practical skills that would help their organization cut down on operating costs, boost their brand and give them a competitive edge within their company and the entire FM industry.

Ready to start the transformation journey? Register now and get additional free courses by visiting or call +234 (0)700 25742 6323 for more enquiries.

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