Between veteran rapper, Eldee the Don and an IG user who asked him to speak about the state of Nigeria

Avatar admin | June 6, 2021

We always want people to come help us and speak for us, but na me and u go still fix our attention on things that don’t really concern us or add to the country’s growth, we are easily swayed, our politicians don know say they can shift our attention with just a snap, and we go follow.. Late Fela was right about the zombie song, we go anywhere dey go, or anywhere wey other countries dey go for negative things, anything trending but fail to use that energy to fight for what is ours, we celebrate mediocrity more than anything in this country, make una leave celebrities, some of them dey dine with some of them, and we are related to them one way or the other. Now, how do we start the purge??? We value the now enjoyment to the future wealth.

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