Bobrisky releases ‘receipts as he accuses rival crossdresser, Goldtiful, of renting a G-wagon and claiming to followers that it’s his

Avatar admin | May 29, 2021

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Bobrisky has accused rival crossdresser, Goldtiful, of deceiving his fans by claiming he’s now the proud owner of a G-wagon. 

Goldtiful  had shared a photo of himself in the car and said his sugar daddy bought it for him.

Bobrisky responded, claiming Goldtiful is lying. He added that Goldtiful is deceiving his followers for clout.

Bobrisky went on to share a video which he claims shows the “rent details and impound fee Dubai police is asking the rental to pay on the white G-wagon” Goldtiful claimed is his.

Below are posts from Bobrisky and Goldtiful. 

Swipe for the video Bobrisky released as “proof” the car was rented.

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