Buy and Sell Bitcoin for the Best Rates in Nigeria

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Buy and Sell Bitcoin for the Best Rates in Nigeria

In September, it was revealed that Nigeria and South Africa are leading the way when it comes to consumer interest in Bitcoin. However, Nigerians are also increasingly reluctant to buy Bitcoin from overseas exchanges. — Now, they don’t have to.

Based right here in Nigeria, is a Nigerian owned and operated Bitcoin exchange. Nigerians can, therefore, buy and sell Bitcoin faster and more affordably than ever previously.

NairaEx Makes it Safer for Nigerians to buy Bitcoin

People who buy Bitcoin in Nigeria often do so from overseas exchanges. However, thousands of Nigerians lose money in the process.

Overseas Bitcoin exchanges force Nigerians to pay more for Bitcoin than they would of they were to buy Bitcoin locally. At NairaEx, Bitcoin investors, therefore, typically pay between 20% and 30% less for Bitcoin, than Nigerians who buy cryptocurrency overseas.

By being locally regulated, NairaEx also makes it safer to buy Bitcoin. Overseas exchanges routinely freeze Nigerian user accounts. At NairaEx, this simply doesn’t happen.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has had a wild ride throughout 2018 and 2019. However, the key to investing in Bitcoin safely is to go in for the long-haul.

Despite recent trading losses, Bitcoin continues to be the world’s best-performing asset this year. This means that people who bought Bitcoin in January, have made higher returns than they would have if they bought gold or top Wall Street stocks.

An increasing number of Nigerian entrepreneurs also believe that the time to buy Bitcoin is now or never.

Every four years, the global supply of Bitcoin is cut by half. Every time this happens, Bitcoin more than doubles in value shortly afterward. This is important, as the next global supply reduction is just 5-months away.

Sell Bitcoin at NairaEx and Get Paid Naira Instantly

NairaEx here in Nigeria makes it easy to buy Bitcoin to invest ahead of the Bitcoin supply being reduced. At the same time, NairaEx makes it just as easy to sell Bitcoin you might own already.

Nigerians often find it difficult to exchange Bitcoin for cash. This is thanks to the fact that several scams exist online. Many overseas exchanges are also reluctant to send money to Nigerian bank accounts.

Now with NairaEx, it is easy to instantly sell Bitcoin and have real Naira in hand within 24-hours. This means that Nigerians who buy Bitcoin can rest assured that they can easily sell coins quickly if they ever need to.

How to Buy Bitcoin Responsibly

Many gerian entrepreneurs and analysts believe that 2020 will be a game-changing year for Bitcoin. However, this doesn’t mean that Nigerians should pour everything they have into Bitcoin. The team at NairaEx advises that people never buy more Bitcoin than they are prepared to lose. — Do invest in Bitcoin. Just don’t put your rent or your mortgage on the line in the process.

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Written by Kartia Velino