Chidi Mokeme narrates how he was attacked by suspected traffic robbers on his way to the airport (video)

Avatar admin | April 28, 2022

Chidi Mokeme has revealed that he was attacked by unknown gunmen on his way to the airport and he shared a video showing the damage done to his car.

The actor was on his way to the airport to catch an international flight after missing his flight the previous day.

While in traffic, calculating if he would make it to the airport in time, he said a white Honda Accord tried to box him in while a man jumped in front of his car, ordering him to stop.

After assessing the situation and suspecting the men were up to no good, Chidi said he decided not to stop and he continued moving almost running the man in front of his car over.

He then climbed the culvert and drove into the service lane in an attempt to escape the men.

The men fired several shots at his car, breaking his car windows as he fled from them.

He concluded that the men are either traffic robbers or were trying to kidnap him.

Watch him speak about the incident in the video below…

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