Chioma Rowland releases stunning photos to celebrate her 26th birthday

Avatar admin | April 30, 2021

She is indeed a paragon of beauty and any man would be very lucky to have her. But as they say, you never appreciate what you have until you lose it. I pray she and Davido resolve whatever differences they have, I’m of the opinion that in marriage, issues can always be resolved amicably, not on the social media though. Elders are there to sort out whatever differences, that’s the best way to go about it.
Davido,we your dye in the wool fans, want you to work things out between you and Chioma. She’s a well brought up beautiful damsel and all these other hoes hawking their”things” for you to patronize them, you should be discerning enough to look out for your best interests and Chioma has to be right up there among those interests of yours.
But as they say, it’s your decision to make,we can only advise. That’s all we can do. But whatever, we’re behind you anyways.

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