Did you know that twins, triplets, or children of multiple births are considered tabooand killed in some communities in Abuja?

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Did you know that twins, triplet, or children of multiple births are considered taboo and killed in some communities in Abuja

In 2018, ActionAid Nigeria’s investigations revealed that children of multiple births (twins, triplet etc) are considered taboos and being killed in some communities in Abuja, Nigeria. There is also the belief that if a mother dies from childbirth or while nursing a baby, the baby is evil and must be buried (alive) with the deceased mother.

In some other communities, children with albinism, born with down syndrome or autism and those who grow their upper teeth first are the victims of these barbaric practice. Infanticide in these communities remains a practice shrouded in secrecy with very few speaking openly. These babies are usually killed through poisoning (with a mixture of deadly plants and herbs), starvation and suffocation.

Between 1996 and November 2020, 164 children have been rescued from the fangs of death by Vine Heritage Home (VHH).

ActionAid Nigeria is mobilizing support and donations to help these children rebuild their lives. Through sponsorship, we have begun the construction of new dormitories with a sick bay, a school, a garden, and water facilities for the children.

With your donation, we will do more! By providing food and nonfood supplies to over 160 children living at the home. Your donations will fund the children’s education; You will be contributing towards equipping their new home, sick bay, and school; With your support, we will ensure their right to live and end this barbaric practice in Abuja. Please visit www.actionaid-ngr.org to donate , via bank transfer to GTBank- 0216379681 , on GoFundMe https://bit.ly/3nuebwi OR Donate-ng https://bit.ly/2Qic83s

In January 2021, the Parents of a set of triplet alongside representative from one of the practicing communities came back for their children after 4 years. The Community representatives are committed to protecting the children henceforth and they are also being monitored regularly by the National Human Rights Commission.

Together, we will be changing more lives for good.

Video Link https://bit.ly/3vcFWO3

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