Drake gets back at man who left negative comment about his son by following the man’s wife and sending her a DM

Avatar admin | May 4, 2022

Drake has taken revenge on a man who left a negative comment about his son under his post.

Drake had posted about how excited he would be if his son gets to play in the basketball league.

A follower then replied, telling him his son will “play with ghost writers”.

Annoyed by the comment, Drake told the man that he has just followed his wife because “she’s probably miserable and needs some excitement in her life”.

It wasn’t just a threat as Drake actually checked out the man’s Instagram account, found his wife’s handle and followed her on Instagram.

Drake then sent a message to the woman.

“I’m here for you ma,” he wrote.

The man later returned to Instagram to share a screenshot of the chat Drake sent to his wife.

The man wrote: “Oh nahhhh fool really DM’d my wife.”

Followers have now taken to Drake’s IG to joke about Drake’s method at getting back at a man for insulting his son.

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