Dubai model exposed by co-passengers after she posed in business class cabin and posted photos online then returned to her seat in economy before takeoff

Avatar admin | May 26, 2021

A Dubai model who tried to give the impression she was traveling in the business class cabin, meanwhile, she was traveling economy, has been exposed by her co-passengers.

Oceane El Hilmer, an Instagram influencer, posed in the business class cabin before the flight took off and posted on Instagram with the caption, “Next stop – Monaco.”

But she was actually flying economy and someone took a photo of her in her seat with other passengers in economy and shared online, exposing her.

Oceane has been criticized for the post on Twitter and Instagram. Twitter users are now comparing her to American singer, Bow Wow, who shared a photo of a private jet and told his followers he was traveling to New York, only to be seen on a packed commercial plane with other passengers.

See reactions below.

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