Entrepreneur, Chioma Goodhair, flaunts her curves in sexy bikini photos

Avatar admin | July 2, 2021

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Linda Ikeji! Your whole Web page needs to go down for awhile so you can learn your lesson. You let too many things slip. Your comment section is out of control. A woman who works, has her own money and or even family money will be called a prostitute. No matter how hard working they are. Every woman from Nigeria suffers this fate on your blog and it is seriously not good for young girls/women reading this, the same goes for young men who are just repeating what their jealous ignorant and possibly lazy older men around them say about any woman who has more than him and from older bitter woman who wish they had lived a little. Anyway Linda, if you are moderating your comments then do just that, this is disgusting and you help to stop helping to spread this vile hate of all woman.

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