Eucharia Anunobi sends message to those who leave their body exposed (video)

Avatar admin | November 13, 2021

Funny thing is that when Eucheria was the “it” girl of Nollywood, she never used to expose body part, that time, when someone played ashawo part, na elaraborate makeup and chewing gum them dey take depict ashawo lol 😆. Today, you cannot tell the difference, everybody open breast and laps. I mean those things are delightful to see, but they also distract from the real message or depict a different impression about you. You can still look lovely covered up. As a fashion designer, you see all these cloths that ladies wear these days with 3/4 of their breasts outside, it’s very annoying to see people waste espensive fabric to sew rubbish. Very tacky IMO. Royalties wear some of the most expensive designers and they are all covered up. Na only for Nollywood we dey see queen and princess breast dey fly up and down

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