Even if a woman slaps you, don’t slap her back – Reno Omokri tells men

Avatar admin | July 1, 2021

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Wrong. Women naturally respond to men of timber, calibre and iroko. In other words, women generally don’t like yesmen. There’s nothing as attractive to women than men who take control and decisive. Any man who’s currently married or had been married would know that, respect begets respect. If you treat your spouse like shit and he or she keeps quiet, there’s the tendency for him or her to think you’re ok by it. Never ever take shit from anyone for your own mental health. A woman who strikes her husband first deserves two helpings in quick succession. There’s no way the marriage would survive when the man allows his wife to push him around. Even if he’s ok by it, his family and friends would friwn at such behaviour. Their grown up kids would resent their mother. Their daughter’s would think it’s perfectly alright to do same thing after marrying. Men must also be very careful in throwing fisticuffs at their second half; it’s belittling, disrespectful and ungodly. Women should be submissive to their spouse while the men must pamper their wives with loving care, understanding, respect and support. Any man who listens to this idiot and his yeye nugget should be prepared to say goodbye to his marriage or relationship. Reality is completely different from Mills and Boon stories.

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