First photos from the funeral mass of the victims of the Catholic church massacre in Owo

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This is very sad. This is beyond my understanding. How can someone wake up on a Sunday morning, dressed up in his best clothes, transported or walked to his place of peace but receive bullets instead. Nigeria government and the Ondo state government should make sure that those who perpetrated this heinous crime and evil shouldn’t taste just death, they should be made to beg for their own death. This shouldn’t be witnessed in this 21st century anywhere in the world. Nobody has monopoly of violence or killing. If the government cannot guarantee the security of lives and property on Nigerians, they should say it so that it would be clear that the situation is now, “to your tent oh Israel.” I wouldn’t want to give this killings ethnic colouration but it seems from the names on the program, that igbos were more in number. Yes, mostly igbos were the victims of a carnage that happened in Yoruba land. Now imagine how it would be like when they come to south east. Our government should compensate heavily to the families of the deceased and also tender an unreserved apology for failing to live up to their responsibility. This is also a clarion call on the living to get their PVC and take out this evil that has befalling Nigeria. No one, I repeat, no one is better than those people inside this coffin. A month ago, there were living and flourishing in good health but unfortunately today, they are inside the box unaware of what’s happening. They couldn’t even get to know why they were killed. If you as a person vote for APC or PDP for whatever reason, you are still among those who perpetrated this evil.

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Igbos are there bcos it is a Catholic Church. Now a warning to you Igbo bastards, if your call for pvc is to usurp power and authority over us in our land. We know what to do. You have failed and you will be terribly disgraced. It is whoever our Yoruba elders and kabieysies says that would rule us, that would rule us. Can Igbos try that shit in Zamfara? Or can Igbos try that shit in Katsina? Or even Kano? But you want to try we Yorubas? And when we hit you guys down with a big stick, you start to cry marginalization. Woukd you bastards ever allow any non indigene try any nonsense in your region? But you want to come to Yoruba land and usurp authority bcos we are liberals and progressives. Well those days are over. We will watch this next elections very kinly.

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