Footballers Édouard Mendy and Ferland Mendy slam media outlets using their photos to report ”rape” stories about Manchester City’s Benjamin Mendy

Avatar admin | November 18, 2021

Chelsea’s Édouard Mendy (pictured left) and Real Madrid’s Ferland Mendy (middle) have complained about media outlets using their photos to illustrate news reports about Manchester City’s Benjamin Mendy (right), who has been accused of rape and sexual assault.

Benjamin Mendy, a France international, has been charged with six counts of rape and one of sexual assault. He has not yet formally entered a plea but his lawyer said the player has denied the allegations. City have since suspended the 27-year-old, who has been in custody since August.

Édouard Mendy is a Senegal international and Ferland Mendy plays for France. The two, who are cousins, shared screenshots of reports from several media outlets using their photographs for reports about Benjamin Mendy.

“Sad to see that in 2021, in France as well as in England, for some, Black people have neither names nor distinct faces,” Édouard wrote in a story posted on his Instagram page.

“These ‘mistakes’ of photos appear anecdotal, but actually they are quite the opposite, they are highly symbolic.

“It’s not that complicated to differentiate two faces, especially when the football jersey is of valuable help!”

The Real Madrid left-back was tagged in Edouard’s story and he also reacted to the mix-up. 

“Thank you Edouard Mendy!” wrote Ferland.

“We are in 2021! Stop it. It will take time, but you will end up respecting us, whether you like it or not.”

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