Friends reunite 27 years later in their old neighbourhood and recreate photo they took years ago

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Two friends who grew up in the same neighbourhood decades ago reunited by chance in the same neighbourhood and the same building so they decided to recreate a photo they took 27 years ago.

Twitter users Kola Aina and Hameed Abubakar later took to Twitter to write about their chance encounter.

Kola shared an old photo of them taken 27 years ago and a new one they recreated and wrote: “The last few weeks have been nothing short of a miracle. Thankful for life, health & 2nd chances. A key highlight was randomly running into my man @Hameo1  in the same neighborhood where decades ago we spent some time. 27 years later, same building – we got silly.”

Hameed reacted to their meeting, writing: “This encounter was the cherry on the cake for what was a fantastic and revealing few weeks on the road. A few “inches”, earlier or later, we would have missed each other. Grateful for life and time.”

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Written by Kartia Velino