Hilarious video of Church members flogging poverty out of their lives (video)

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I just now, I came to the logical conclusion that bad governance is not Nigeria’s problem. Religion is. Religion is an opium for the masses – Karl Marx. The reason why Eutope and west is develop like what it is today is because they hold their government resonsible and must give accountability for all. In this part of the world we are laid back and complacent about government and rather pray to God to make our lives better and miracle to happen, miracle that will single handedly pick us out from the masses of other suffering people and we go-ahead to enjoy and they keep suffering, even that in it’s sense is selfishness. They take their problems to God for miracle and he won’t question bad governance. Lol. The only thing we inherit from the whites na religion, folk Christianity that they don’t even practise.

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Written by Kartia Velino