“Homegirl Is vibrating” – Beverly Osu shares her house-help’s experience after she mistakenly consumed the ‘herbs-laced’ cookies she kept in the fridge

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Nollywood actress, Beverly Osu has shared her house help’s experience after she ate the “herbs-laced” cookies she kept in her fridge.

Taking to social media Beverly revealed that she had kept the “herbs-laced” cookies in her fridge, and the help who thought the snack was a regular cookies consumed it.

She noted that moments after eating the cookies it started having funny effect on the house-help and Beverly took to her Instagram story to share her experience.

She wrote,

“Just got a phone call. I can’t even laugh. My house help ate one of the cookies in my fridge…You know the type with herbs…now homegirl is hot and cold …She says she is vibrating …Kia Beverly no go lee pesin mama… 2021 hasn’t even started yet.”


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Written by Kartia Velino


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