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Avatar admin | November 23, 2021

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What is a billion dollar business idea without capital?

What is a business expansion plan without the right funding?

It is a mere idea or plan!


Countless ingenuous ideas that would have changed the face of certain industries have died very slow and painful deaths because they lacked the oxygen called “finance”.

Capital to begin any business and implement the expansion plan of an existing business is highly dependant on the funding that is available to such a business.

A rather ironic fact is, there are so many ways to access the funding you need for your business; be it a start up or an existing business. Yet, many entrepreneurs do “die” of thirst in the presence of a fresh water spring because they ignorantly walk away from the water source and would rather climb a coconut tree to pluck a coconut and drink coconut water, even when a fresh water spring is one of the purest sources of water.

My point?

Without the right information serving as your compass in getting you to “fund island”, you’re definitely going to be on the hard, long route for longer than necessary.

Mr. Steve Olugbenga Oluwadaisi, CEO of OmnixBMS will be sharing concise, practical and result proven ways to access funding for your business.

You will learn how to:

1. Leverage on expert methodology to get quick access to grants for your business.

2. Gather high-quality, reliable investment advice via our trusted team.

3. How to apply for grants with the right proposal.

4. How to package your business for investment opportunities.

At the end of this webinar you should be armed to the tooth with the right information and guidance in successfully securing funding for your business.

More than hardwork, you need the right information to get the desired results and launch you further in achieving your business dreams. “Smart Work”.

Life-changing opportunities are sometimes dressed up in unlikely apparels.

This webinar will be holding on a private social media community.

To be a part of it and learn more, click the link below.

And for more enquiries call +2348066242995.


About Steve Olugbenga (CEO)

Oluwadaisi, Olugbenga STEVE is Co-founder and CEO of OmnixBMS, he has solid business insight with the ability to analyse needs and forecast goals. A public/private enterprise solution consultant with over 10 years experience in helping micro, small and medium enterprises grow to their full potential.

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