I have sympathy for widows, NONE for single mums – Reno Omokri

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Controversial Nigerian evangelist, Reno Omokri has stirred up controversy on social media and his followers are not having any of it.

In a tweet, Reno Omokri has shockingly stated that he has no sympathy for single mothers.

Reno though aware his position is harsh has said that he doesn’t care about what people think or say because all he cares is freeing up his mind. He said he has no sympathy for mothers who beg with the excuse that they are single.

He Tweeted;

I am wise, not nice. I am generous, not frivolous. Don’t come to me saying you are a single mum and you and your kids will die if I dont give you money. If you can afford data and smartphone, you can afford food! I have sympathy for widows. I have NONE for single mums!


In Reno’s position he wants single mothers to be responsible and hard working and not use single motherhood as an excuse.

Buttressing his point with the scripture, the famous author said “God hates premarital sex”

See full tweet below;

Open Scripture. You will NEVER see anywhere God said help single mothers. Never. I have read Scripture cover to cover in multiple translations and in the original languages. God hates premarital sex. He says help WIDOWS and ORPHANS, not deliberate single mothers!



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Written by Kartia Velino