“I never want to see weed again. I ‘m done!” – Huddah Monroe says

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I have just made a discovery and it’s alarming. Maybe Burnaboy is right afterall even though I disagree with his generalization. Majority of our youths including young mothers from 15 to 25 are heavily into weed smoking. How did this come to pass? How did the parents miss this horrendous habit among their offsprings? It’s so common in our urban cities these days that it’d be seen as abnormal if you’re a youth and not smoking marijuana. Young couples routinely pride themselves as weed smokers and no wonder why divorce cases have risen exponentially due to constant violent fights. New marriages these days last between six months and two years coz, young couples live in their own surrealiness occasioned by the influence of hallucinogenic substances. Drug abuse in the North especially is an epidemic. Are our celebrities to blame for glamorizing this drug habit? Our youths have surrendered their lives to hard drugs and this would explain the astronomical increase in criminal activities such as cultism, kidnappings, violent raping, burglaries, arsons and the prevalence of anarchy and total breakdown of law and order in our communities. It could also explain why our girls no longer feel shameful about exposing their bodies to total strangers. How would anyone explain why a mother of one would intentionally expose her genitals to the whole world just coz she wanted her new album to ‘blow’? In recent past, Huddah herself had done things that could been caused by her use of illicit substances. Hard drugs are hallucinatory and removes sense of proper reasoning. A normal thinking person would pause to think of actions and consequences before doing anything. Well, not so with drug users. Our future as a nation would be dire if this habit is allowed to continue unfestered. Only a person who’s heavily into drug use and is about to graduate would beat up his own lecturer without first thinking of the repercussion. Thanks to Buba Marwa for taking this fight against drug abuse and reeducation of our youths much more seriously. Drug use is not a good thing. Give your brain and body a chance to survive. You gain nothing but incremental life of pain and destruction from using hard drugs. Don’t listen to your peers who themselves are either as clueless as you or looking to take along others to their own doom. Say no to weed, loud, coke, heroin etc. It’s a life of pain.

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