I’m in pain – Bobrisky gives update on his “butt surgery” (video)

Avatar admin | May 31, 2021

So people, I’m gay, please I need your advise, five years ago I was in a relationship with this dude, we started dating from our 100L, and after our graduation, we stayed extra 1 year, and just getting to 2yrs, he said he found Jesus and needed a real family, I agreed and we went amicably. Just early this month, we ran into each other, and started talking, just last week, he invited me to a hotel and you know, but I told him no, I can’t break a woman’s home because that life is not what I’m going to get in Nigeria, living with a partner like marriage that people I love can attend, I told him no, but he’s still insisting, I blocked him and he showed up to my house, should I tell the wife??

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Report him to the police orvto a priest for them to warn him to stay away from you. Are you mad to be opening your butt to your fellow man? Never do it again. Nunca. Even I that is a woman will never open butt for any f*cking man in my life and it is you guys that stoop to that gutter. I don’t care what the gays here will crawl out to say.

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He found Jesus abi? He didn’t. He is a user and abuser who was using you. I know that you are not a fool or you won’t go opening b*tt for him. He will sodomize you and run back to the p*say he has at home and how will you feel……real used! I am sorry for you if you let your fellow man do that to you, don’t you know your worth? You are a father of generations, a great child of God. A billionaire in the making. God hates Sodomy. Never do it again. Leave Bob to continue dancing in Instagram, he now disgusts me with all those houses and cars he gets from men. Like ya guys can stoop to giving your intestines, rectum and all to be abused for the sake of money. Now,I am going to vomit. TF

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