Influencer shares same photo before and after editing to show how ‘fake’ Instagram can be

Avatar admin | August 27, 2021

An influencer took to Instagram to encourage people to stop being intimidated by the perfect photos they see online.

Body positivity campaigner, Karina Irby, shared a photo of herself before and after editing to reveal just how much you can transform a photo by using editing apps.

The 32-year-old swimwear designer shared the first photo of herself frowning slightly. The photo features a double chin and her face looks rounder.

But in the retouched version of the same photo, Karina edited her face to give herself a wide smile. She also slimmed her face, emphasized her cheekbones, smoothed her skin, intensified her eyes and darkened her eyebrows.

Karina captioned the side-by-side photos: “Just seeing how far a face editing app can get me.

“How do these kinds of apps make you feel?”

The post garnered thousands of likes.

One commenter asked: “So… this isn’t two different pictures?”

And the influencer responded: “Same photo.”

Written by admin