Instagram slay queen Teju Pretty embarrassed again by benefactor she squated with in Dubai months after businesswoman called her out (video)

Avatar admin | November 27, 2021

Teju Pretty has been called out by a lady she allegedly squatted with in Dubai.

The woman said Teju came to her, asking for a place to stay while she her Airbnb accommodation comes through.

According to the lady, she however noticed Teju wasn’t making any move to get the Airbnb like she said and she realized Teju planned to stay with her indefinitely.

She claimed she soon noticed that the popular Instagram model was owing money for two nights in the hotel she stayed in before she moved into her house, so she paid the bill on her behalf.

She said she knew she couldn’t take it anymore when she allegedly saw Teju going through her phone. Suspecting that Teju was trying to get her boyfriend’s number from her phone,  she said she asked Teju to leave her house.

She also claims that she booked Teju into another hotel and paid for 3 nights and breakfast for her.

A video of a woman said to be Teju squatting, with her belongings stashed in a bin bag, was also shared.

This is not the first time Teju Pretty has been involved in such.

Over the last few years, she has been in the middle of controversies that has to do with her owing people.

Back in June 2020, she was disgraced by a vendor for wearing items worth 45k which she bought but didn’t pay for (read here).

Teju reacted to the call out at the time by insulting the vendor. She then announced that she is doing a N45k giveaway.

The vendor later stormed Teju’s House with a soldier to collect her money.

Then, in June 2021, another businesswoman called her out, alleging that she has been owing her N1.055m for over a year (read here).

The businesswoman confronted her with some security operatives but Teju allegedly had only N47k in her account at the time, leading to her calling someone else for help.

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