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    1. I do follow you on YouTube:-) I’m glad I came across your channel:-) However, I feel (my opinion)…use more of us Afrikan and/or Afro-Afrikan women as your models&not the Caucasian😒😒

  1. I’m sorry to post this; I couldn’t find a way to contact you privately here or on youtube. Please feel free to delete it after you read this. … I just saw two of your videos: one about self image and your legs, another about some actress having underarm hair at the Golden Globe Awards. I thought the first video was cool. Then I see the second video. Wow. It’s totally 180 degrees from your other video. Adults grow hair under their arms, yes adult women. Fact. It’s just being an adult human. Some women are learning to enjoy being an adult woman, not shaving to look like someone’s fantasy of a child. Having hair is not nasty, it’s natural. If you want to post a video about removing underarm hair, that’s fine. Lots of people might find that useful. But please reconsider your body shaming of that beautiful actress who loves herself enough to simply be an adult woman, even in public. I’m going to use a pseudonym to sign this post because you’re a popular figure with a public platform. The things you say influence other people. I hope you’ll continue to use that influence to help people embrace themselves and not bully others.

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