Lady breaks 100 years tradition in Urhoboland as she bagged her father’s chieftancy title

Avatar admin | December 15, 2021

A Nigerian lady, Tracy Chapele-Ugo, says she has broken a 100-year tradition in Urhoboland as she recently bagged the chieftaincy title previously conferred on her father.

In a post shared on her Twitter handle, Tracy, a sports presenter, said Kings in Urhoboland never give the chieftaincy title of a deceased chief to any of his daughters, particularly if he had a son. However, she was recently conferred with the title bestowed previously on her father by her king in Udu kingdom in Delta state.

She tweeted

”In almost a 100 years #Urhobo Kings don’t give a Father’s Chieftaincy title to his daughter esp when there are sons.

Today my family/People/Elders/Ovie found me worthy.

Daddy’s Chieftaincy title has been transferred to me.

Chief Suo Chapele;Okugbe 2 of Udu Kingdom
#Oghenemigwo ”

Watch a video she shared from the ceremony below

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