“Let’s normalise divorce” – Bisi Alimi says

Avatar admin | December 23, 2021

How about we go back to torturing faggots until we are bored and hang them on the nearest street pole? You see, the entire agenda of LGBTQ is part of Jewish subversion. The legislation of Homosexuality (which paved way for all assortment of degeneracy being normalized) began with Jews fighting the American Medical Association to remove Homosexuality, Gender dysphoria and Lesbianism as Mental disorder in their Medical Dictionary. After succeeding therein, the Jew headed to the Jewdiciary[sic] to get Jews like the late Jewess, Ruth Bader Ginsburg to begin the nearly 3 decades struggle to get Americans to accept (by force) the mental disorder known as Homosexuality. This same Ruth Bader Ginsburg of hateful memory also did her part to ensure that abortion became legal in America and other rulings handed down by her as SCOTUS saw to the emasculation of the American male through divorce laws that were heavily skewed against the Man in a marriage. Given that over 80% of divorce lawyers and Jurists are Jewish, alongside the fact that Jews control the LGBTQ movement and have been at the forefront pushing their depraved agenda plus the fact that 100% of Transition doctors in the US are Jewish who get referrals from Jewish fraud psychiatrics handling Sexual dysphoria cases, one can see that at every point of America’s descent to madness, a Jew is behind it. Also ponder on this fun fact that it is only this useless blog that keeps promoting LGBTQ madness. Why? Because our own Aba made Congo Jewess, Linda is just a front for Jewish Cultural Marxist ideology into Nigeria. Ponder on this: 10ys ago faggotry was hardly a topic. Today it is being pushed hard down our throats with characters like Bobrisky and Bisi Alimi. Why? Because they want you and your children to see it as normal, This is the normalization phase. After which they will become the most idolized and protected specie in our society. This is how Relative Morality works and the corrupted Jew brain knows how to push it. First by providing it as shock value, then flooding it down your throat so that you get used to it while doing everything they can to drown out every moral objection. Linda, I have told you that your bastard son will end up taking diks up his arse and down the throat like you. Keep doing Judas work in the name of Blogging. Olosho.

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