Lol!…..Nigerian dad shares photo of drawing his child made of him

Avatar admin | April 14, 2022

My son when he was a toddler drew me, his mom as a wrestler! Omo, this my pikin, God has used him and continues to use him to teach me so many lessons since he was born and for me to be calming down oh. But in this case, the wrestler drawing was a good thing because in his mind and his interpretation, it was his expression of how I advocate for him and address anything that concerns him, and anyone that hurts him eh, the lion, tiger and every crazy thing comes out in me when you mess with my child after I have ignored you severally. But I did not like that drawing rara oh. Wrestler ke? me wey I gentle normally. Na so drawing come reset my brain, we come change the narrative to……Mommy na your super hero! so anytime I want to go deal with person in the very very rare case when they mess with my son, I will remember that his drawing, calm down and still deal with them with psychedelic style, not huffing or puffing too much. Sometimes I go even ask him…Do you want Mommy to deal with them? you know I can, he too will happily smile and say no mommy……..Children……God dey use them teach us something sometimes, chei.

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