“Majority of religious fanatics I have met are very wicked yet they are in church 6 days a week” – Mary Remmy Njoku

Avatar admin | May 2, 2022

Nigerian actress and filmmaker, Mary Remmy Njoku has said that majority of the religious fanatics she has encountered are very wicked. 

“They hate children. They hate happy people. They devote their life to finding faults in everything you do or say.”

“Always mis-interpreting the Bible to defend their shady decisions. I avoid them. May God bless the people who live a christ-like life irrespective of their religion. They are the real Christians.”  She wrote

She added: “If you have to constantly remind the world that you are born again, then you must be hiding something and trying distract people from seeing it. Good people don’t have to say they are good people, it just shows. They might make bad decision sometimes. But they are GOOD most times.”

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